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This community was made to replace the original. It's pretty much the same as it was, so if you were a member there there isn't much of anything you should find different here. Anyone can join, and anyone can post. Posts can be clothed or nude pics. The rules of it are pretty much what you might expect. No posts containing pictures of illegal or immoral activity such as sexual contact with minors or beastiality. All posts containing nude pics, or several large pics, should be placed under LJ cut to save space on friends lists, prevent people from getting in trouble at work or school, and to help out those who are still stuck with slow internet connections. If you LJ cut, let us know what's behind the cut so we know if it's safe to click at the time. LJ cut is not a requirement, but it would be appreciated if you use it when needed just to help out the rest of us a little.

*ps, I'm not very good at comming up with interests for a community like this, so if you have any ideas, send em my way and I'll probably add them. ^-^*

*note* The rules are a work in progress right now. Some things may change if needed. If you feel something should be changed, let me know. If it's a serious request, I'll take it under careful consideration.